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Future Battery and Charging Tech


This report discusses the transformative impact of new battery technologies on the portable and mobile device markets. These technologies include enhancements to Li-ion batteries as well as solutions that supplement or replace existing batteries used in portable and mobile devices. In addition, this report considers the impact of charging technologies from well-established fast-charging solutions to wire-free technologies that have not yet reached commercialization in these device markets.

  • Li-ion enhancements: changes to the anode/cathode/electrolyte and form factor (e.g. bendable/foldable batteries)
  • Supplements/Replacement: portable fuel cells can be used to supplement existing batteries/battery packs or serve as the primary source of energy (e.g., remote situations). Portability and long-term storage of fuel is a key differentiator.
  • Charging: fast charging is quickly becoming an industry standard in premium mobile devices and inductive/resonant charging will continue to build upon its relatively nascent, albeit healthy installed base. Wire-free charging promises untethered charging but faces hurdles as these technologies navigate regulatory and pricing considerations.