Augmented and Virtual Reality News, Updates, and Future Devices Image

Augmented and Virtual Reality News, Updates, and Future Devices


News continues to come in droves regarding augmented and virtual reality devices for both hardware and software, as well as for consumer and enterprise.  This report breaks down the latest news regarding AR and VR and how the market will react or be affected. In augmented reality, some major partnerships have formed, a new device from Epson is launching, and activity in AR gaming continues to grow. In virtual reality, premium content from Imax is coming, Google’s Daydream mobile VR platform was announced, some new VR HMD players are coming, and VR content continues to expand. This report covers these points in more detail and frames them within the AR/VR market to measure impact and future outlook.

This report includes:

Augmented Reality:

  • ODG, Project Horizon, and Wikitude
  • DAQRI, ARToolkit, and OSVR
  • Epson BT-300
  • US Navy AR Helmets
  • Pokémon Go and AR Gaming
  • Data and Forecasts

Virtual Reality:

  • Acer, Starbreeze, and IMAX
  • Google Daydream
  • Immerex
  • New Game Consoles and VR Future
  • Fox and VR Coverage
  • HTC Vive Business Edition
  • Google Expeditions Public
  • Data and Forecasts