Augmented and Virtual Reality News, Updates, and Future Devices Image

Augmented and Virtual Reality News, Updates, and Future Devices


News continues to come in droves regarding Augmented and Virtual Reality devices for both hardware and software, as well as for consumer and enterprise.  This report breaks down the latest news regarding AR and VR and how the market will react or be affected. In Augmented Reality, updates regarding HoloLens  were revealed at Microsoft’s Build conference; Daqri makes an acquisition to compete in the holographic AR space; and Vuzix, another smart glasses player, has partnered with GoPro for enterprise video. In Virtual Reality, news and updates are more prevalent; details surrounding PlayStationVR were revealed, and a possible PS4 upgrade was rumored; AMD’s role in VR continues to grow, with console VR being a major part of this; Huawei has launched a mobile device housing, competing with Samsung Gear VR; Oculus Rift is facing shipment troubles, affecting brand reputation; HTC is getting involved with enterprise through Dassault Systemes; and Google’s growing role in VR, with new hardware and the next version of Android, expanding their position. This report covers these points in more detail and frames them within the AR/VR market to measure impact and future outlook.

This report includes:

Augmented Reality:

  • HoloLens and Holoportation
  • HoloLens with Vuforia on Board
  • Daqri and Holographics
  • Vuzix and GoPro

Virtual Reality:

  • PlayStation VR Detailed
  • Rumored Upgraded PS4
  • AMD Betting Big
  • VR in China
  • Oculus Rift Issues
  • HTC and Enterprise
  • Google Post-Cardboard