Current and Future Use Cases for Wearables

The expanding capabilities of wearable devices are increasingly suited to a wide range of use cases, with devices generally falling into one of two primary categories: lower-cost devices specifically suited to a single or very narrow range of purposes, and more-complex devices featuring a wide range of capabilities with the aim of fulfilling a number of functions from a single device.

This report breaks down details of use cases by device type and focus, and includes use cases such as: consumer fitness, smartphone extension, safety and peace of mind, enterprise, payments, sleep tracking, etc. 

This report includes:

Wearables in Context

Device Type: Wrist-worn

  • Consumer Fitness
  • Smartphone Extension
  • Safety and Peace of Mind
  • Enterprise

Device Type: Head-worn

  • Consumer Fitness
  • Smart Glasses

Device Type: Other Wearables

  • Consumer Fitness
  • Safety and Peace of Mind
  • Enterprise

Functions of Wearable Devices

  • Payment
  • Emotion Control
  • Sleep Tracking¬†

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Research Information

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Publish Date
2Q 2016
Research Type
Technology Analysis Report