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BLE Beacon Vendors


This competitive assesment is focused on the emerging BLE Beacon vendor space. This is a rapidly growing space with a number of start-ups establishing themselves as key vendors in a very short space of time. The aim of this assessment is to not just look at market share, but also at which companies are doing the right things to ensure that they will remain successful and address new and upcoming opporutnities as they emerge.

Each company is compared across 16 key parameters across two broad categories of Implementation and Innovation. These parameters include market share, partnerships, standard supported, analytics, advertising, value chain support, hybridization and advanced hardware/software capabilities.  The report also discusses ABI Research's view on the companies' future potential and the next steps necessary to continue to be successful in this space. 

The report illustrates which companies are best placed, as well as smaller emerging companies that have the potential to disrupt this space. It also outlines how vendors are diverging into different markets. Finally, the report also considers companies building innovative services on top of beacon networks.