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Streaming Media Adapters


As the number of connected devices within the home expands, paralleling the ever-increasing consumption of streaming media, consumers will continue to see a host of devices and platforms vying for their eyes and ears. With the focus on select key services, however, differentiation within the market is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge. As expected, this has led to some platform consolidation within the connected CE space and heightened pricing pressures.

This research deliverable (presentation format) focuses on one segment of the device market, providing a market update on streaming media adapters (e.g., Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.). Updates on key competitors and market trends are provided as is ABI Research’s unit shipment forecast (by region) to 2021.

  • Three Big Trends / Events in the Streaming Media Adapter Market
  • Pricing Pressures
  • Key Competitor Activity
  • Apple Released Fourth-generation Apple TV
  • Apple TV: Siri, Apps, and Gaming—True Differentiators?
  • China’s Less Certain Streaming Media Adapter Market
  • Next-generation Features
  • 4K Streaming Boxes
  • Next-generation Features
  • Forecast