Trident: A New Database to Tackle Spear Phishing

by Michela Menting | 1Q 2016 | IN-3973

Earlier this month, threat intelligence firm Cloudmark, Inc. announced a new solution targeting spear phishing attacks, Cloudmark Trident™, leveraging the firms’ Global Threat Network. Trident is a cloud-based offering and evaluates all inbound traffic in an enterprise, after it has gone through the Secure Email Gateway (SEG) but before it is delivered to email stores, in order to discover suspicious profiles. The tech makes use of illicit path detection, message attribute evaluation, anomaly detection, context analysis, and behavioral learning, in conjunction with intelligence from its Global Threat Network, to evaluate the legitimacy of email traffic. Once a spear phishing message is detected, it is logged and locally quarantined for evaluation and destruction.

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