The State of IoT from Suppliers to End-Users Image

The State of IoT from Suppliers to End-Users


In advance of the 2015 Industry of Things World conference, ABI Research issued an online survey targeting IoT suppliers and end-users to gauge their progress in IoT projects and to get a better sense of how they currently view the market. Respondents were asked questions about key goals, opportunities, security risks and value chain challenges. ABI Research was able to compare the responses of suppliers and end-users to determine not only what challenges suppliers and end-users faced, but also their perceived challenges and what each group can do moving forward to drive their respective IoT solutions and initiatives. This report provides insight into respondent breakdowns, supplier and end-user deployment challenges, and recommendations for both IoT suppliers and end-users moving forward.

  • Research Overview and Methodology
  • Respondent Breakdown
  • Industry Breakdown
  • Job Function
  • IoT Product / Project Stage of Development
  • IoT Suppliers: Supplier Categories
  • IoT Suppliers: Value Chain Breakdown
  • Sensor and Connectivity Hardware Deployment Challenges
  • Connectivity Deployment Challenges
  • Device to Cloud Deployment Challenges
  • What are your customers’ overarching goals for using IoT products and services?
  • What are the primary non-technical IoT solution enablement challenges faced by customers you work with?
  • According to your customers, what parts of the IoT value chain pose the highest security risks?
  • What internal groups of your customers’ company championed the IoT solution project?
  • IoT End-Users:  What is the IoT Product/Process Type?
  • IoT End-users: What are the primary reasons driving the implementation of your IoT solution?
  • What IoT End-users Are Spending
  • Where IoT End-users Are Spending It 
  • End-users and IoT ROI
  • Recommendations
  • Closing Slide