IoT Gateways and Low-Power WANs: Some Thoughts

by Adarsh Krishnan | 1Q 2016 | IN-3968

In a recent report (M2M/IoT Routers and Gateways: Technological Analysis and Market Evolution), ABI Research investigated the technologies and the trends in the IoT gateway market, where one interesting finding was that only a few companies had started looking into the implementation of LP-WAN technologies in their gateways, with Link Labs, Cisco and MultiTech among the most active. MultiTech in particular has recently demonstrated its commitment to LoRa by revealing its portfolio of LoRaWAN-ready products, called MultiConnect®. The latter includes an IoT gateway – the Conduit™ gateway--in addition to a series of accessory cards that can be plugged directly into the Conduit™ gateway to provide different local connectivity options (available options include Wi-Fi, GNSS, Serial, GPIO and Bluetooth, in addition to LoRaWAN), and the mDot RF modules to be used in the end-nodes. The manufacturer claims the Conduit™ gateway is highly configurable and scalable, and can manage thousands of mDot nodes, deployed either in a public or private network. ABI Research has highlighted the importance of gateways for the IoT, and this insight is meant to provide a brief analysis of their role in LP-WANs implementations.

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