Tesla Promises Driverless Car by 2020: Are We Ready?

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1Q 2016 | IN-3967


Tesla Launches its "Summon" Feature: The Next Step to a Fully Driverless Car


Tesla has revamped its driverless technology for its Model S and X cars via an over-the-air (OTA) software update this month. It offers self-parking (known as “Summon”), a new feature of its autopilot system, wherein it allows the driver to alight at a driveway and let the car enter and exit the parking space by itself (with no human driver inside the car) up to a distance of 39 feet. Tesla also introduced “HomeLink,” which allows the car to remotely open your garage door, park itself, and close the garage door, and vice versa. Initially, Summon is available on private properties and on flat road surfaces only.

Overall, Tesla Motors has boosted the autonomy of its existing vehicles. First, Tesla enabled the autopilot system (designed for highway use) which allows the car to maintain a safe distance from nearby vehicles with the Traffic-aware Cruise Control (TACC), and keeps the vehicle within the same lane, thanks to automatic steering and sensors which can detect even faded lane marking…

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