How Apple Will Change Indoor Location in 2016: Part 2

2Q 2016 | IN-3963

So back to the original question, how does this all impact the market? The obvious fear for location technology vendors is that as we have seen repeatedly in the location space, once Apple and Google’s (expect something similar from them in 2016 also) solution is good enough, many will choose to use it, rather than acquiring/licensing from a third party. While this may be true for many non-retail apps, the presence of the retailer changes this dynamic somewhat. Retailers understand that relying on Apple, Google, etc. for indoor location information means giving up data about their customers. This is fine for SMBs, but less so for major chains. Ultimately, ABI Research believes most will be forced to work with Apple at some level on local search, but many will still chose to own the in-store environment themselves, or at least as much of it as they can, particularly for things like customer analytics and in-store advertising.

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