5G: Too Cheap to Meter?

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1Q 2016 | IN-3952


ABI Research Publishes Our View on 5G


ABI Research published its analysis of 5G (5G: From Vision to Framework) on December 30, 2015, just in time for your New Year’s reading enjoyment. We trace the development of cellular over the last 10 years through today’s mobile broadband, and look to the future for what we can expect with 5G.  One particular insight comes from ABI Research’s vast record of historical market data (available in the Network Market Tracker service) and the evolution of data price trends.  A strong argument can be made that the entire industry learning curve from the days of 2G through today’s 4G and LTE-A provide the clues to where 5G pricing is headed.  As cumulative industry learning continues, many services will be too cheap to meter.  We present the effective price curve for data traffic (but not voice or messaging) with industry data revenues vs. cumulative data traffic.  

How Does History Guide Us?


We took a look our historical data for both total d…

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