Cybersecurity Themes and Trends for 2016

1Q 2016 | IN-3943

Many data breaches were reported in the past year, including several hotel breaches, plenty of retail breaches, software breaches, dating site breaches, app breaches, in-vehicle system breaches and more. One of the most notable was the breach of the Ashley Madison website that threatened the private information of 37 million customers. Beyond the hassle of identity theft, there were tragic reports of people committing suicide after being exposed on a public list. The cybersecurity threat is highly asymmetric in nature and the potential impact is exponential. Defense in-depth, which has been the prevailing wisdom for many years, is still critical. But it’s not enough. Enterprise organizations such as Target, Chase Bank and Sony, among others, have experienced significant security resources but were still breached. This proves that companies must work smarter and harder, and this effort must be ongoing and vigilant. Enterprises need to understand that cyber security is an essential part of doing business effectively and not just a cost center. The consequences of a breach can be disastrous and will impact businesses on the revenue as well as reputation side.

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