Reflecting on 2015 – 4K/UHD

by Michael Inouye | 4Q 2015 | IN-3937

UHD TV shipments reached new heights in 2015 with full year estimates pushing the share of the market to over 14% worldwide. New TV models in 2016 will continue to push the transition to higher resolution, but future differentiation will likely come from HDR and to a lesser extent wider color gamut than more pixels alone. The transition to UHD TVs is progressing well and by many accounts is ahead of schedule, but the growth in UHD TVs is more about future proofing or desire to purchase premium TVs than it is about the content, which remains relatively lacking. Upscaling certainly helps bridge the divide between screen and content but many new UHD households are still looking for native content to take advantage of the additional pixels and to showcase their new purchases. Will 2016 be the year 4K content catches up to the hardware?

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