Hoyos Labs’ New Finger-Scan and a Selfie App Can be Used in Lieu of a Credit Card

by Dimitrios Pavlakis | 4Q 2015 | IN-3931

Hoyos Labs, one of the most discussed names in mobile biometrics technology, revealed that Koopjesdrogisterij, an online pharmaceutical supplies company based in the Netherlands, is currently utilizing their new biometric recognition platform called 1U accompanied by the 1U app. The platform supports a plethora of modalities, including fingerprint, iris, voice, facial recognition, and their signature technology: the 4-fingerID. ABI Research analysts spoke with Hoyos Labs during the 2015 Biometric Conference in London (14th October) and had a chance to assess their fabled 4-fingerID, which essentially is the biometric version of taking a photo of a user’s four fingers as a new means of authentication. With the industry pushing for more innovating and secure biometric solutions, it looks like Hoyos Labs set such an agenda in the horizon.

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