4G Americas Talks Up 5G Myths & Realities

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4Q 2015 | IN-3926


5G is Unlike Any G Before It


The wireless telecommunications industry has taught us that each generation of technology ushered into market brings a new level of functionality and performance. The transition from 2G to 3G, for example, brought wireless data transmission in addition to voice and messaging services. Similarly, with the shift from 3G to 4G, the emphasis was on introducing mobile broadband performance to the mobile network and increasing data speeds to be comparable to home broadband service.

Unlike the major air interface evolutions the industry has experienced before, 5G sets an entirely different set of goals. At a recent analyst event hosted by industry trade group 4G Americas, the organization assembled a 5G workshop to both dispel the myths about 5G and set the record straight for what this next generation of wireless communications solution will consist and when it can be expected to be first commercialized.

4G Evolution, 5G Technical Requirements and 5G User-Driven Requirements


5G is more than mobile br…

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