5G: From Vision to Framework Image

5G: From Vision to Framework


In just one year’s time, the industry view on 5G has gone from a defensive “we can’t know” to an optimistic “we’re fairly certain” view for 5G.  This report reviews the last 10 years of mobile broadband and anticipates the 5G impacts in the future.  The advent of 5G and Internet of Everything connectivity will shape the next 10 years into even more transformative events than the previous decade. 

Across the world, regulatory bodies, industry and academia alliances push forward with 5G to capture critical Intellectual Property rights. The universal interest in 5G generates hundreds of use cases and no doubt thousands as the technology manifests. Three broad categories finding widespread concurrence are presented:

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband
  • Critical Machine Type Communications
  • Massive Machine Type Communications. 

5G is a holistic network perspective, which is needed to embrace a wide diversity of applications and use cases.  The Unified Air Interface will make the 5G platforms robust and future proof for the next decade. This report covers the latest proposals, roadmaps and timelines from 5G Workshops.

Finally, 5G-subscription uptake and likely 5G pricing forecasts are evaluated from a historical perspective.  Summarizing, we find the key industry players agree on the 5G roadmap and use cases, with 5G shaping up to provide the holy grail of telecom:  Faster, Better, and Cheaper.