Webinar - Human-Machine Interfaces: How Gesture Technologies Are Changing The Way We Interact With Our World

The touchscreen display has become the primary means to interact with the graphical user interface (GUI) of the mobile device. A more natural way for people to interact with their surroundings is by making gestures. Not only do hand gestures provide an alternative to touch display applications, they can introduce new ways to interact with surroundings when a touchscreen is not available. This ABI Research webinar looks at how imaging, depth and proximity sensors make free-space gestures possible for computing, home and in-vehicle use.

  • From Science Fiction to our Living Room
  • Gesture Origins: User Interface
  • Gesture Origins: Computing
  • Gesture Application Examples
  • Gestures & the Sensor Ecosystem
  • Gesture-related Sensors: Applications & Suppliers
  • Mobile Device Shipments & Forecast
  • Mobile Device Sensor Shipments & Revenues
  • Size of Opportunity: Sensor Types
  • Gesture Tech: Imaging and Cameras
  • Gesture Tech: Proximity Sensors
  • Gesture Tech: Wearables
  • Designing A Gesture Solution: Trade-offs
  • Gestures & Mobile Device Challenges
  • A Market Dichotomy
  • Summary
  • Eye Tracking Tech


Research Information

Starting at USD 4500
Publish Date
1Q 2016
Research Type
Application Analysis Report