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Automated Parking Technologies and Solutions


Parking is an essential element in the current paradigm of personal mobility, driven by the need to leave the vehicle within easy walking distance of either the next leg of the journey or the destination. As has been the case with most core driving tasks, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have been developed in order to ease the burden placed on the driver by parking, following the typical course of moving beyond passively informing the driver to more actively intervening on the driver’s behalf.

This report identifies, defines and analyzes three distinct phases of autonomous parking technology:

Phase 1: Steering Assistance under driver observation and control

Phase 2: Parking maneuver initiated via remote HMI, driver must observe and remains responsible for control of the vehicle

Phase 3: Autonomous Valet Parking – full driverless operation in parking lots

The market opportunity for each phase is examined in detail, as is the transition from each phase to the next. Finally, the role of parking, and the relevance of autonomous parking technologies, are considered in the context of fully driverless vehicles.  

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction to Autonomous Parking Technologies and Solutions
  • 2. Phase 1: Automatic Steering Assistance
    • 2.1. Core Functions of Phase 1 Autonomous Parking Systems
    • 2.2. Effectiveness of Phase 1 Autonomous Parking Systems
    • 2.3. Growth Drivers for Phase 1 Autonomous Parking Technologies
  • 3. Phase 2: Remote Control Autonomous Parking
    • 3.1. Limitations of Existing Phase 2 Parking Systems
    • 3.2. Legal Complications for Phase 2 Autonomous Parking
  • 4. Phase 3: Autonomous Valet Parking
    • 4.1. Consumer Advantages
    • 4.2. Social Advantages
    • 4.3. Requirements for Autonomous Valet Parking
    • 4.4. The Long-term Relevance of Autonomous Valet Parking in a Driverless Future
  • 5. Market Outlook for Autonomous Parking Technologies
  • 6. OEM Parking Assistance Technologies
    • 6.1. Audi AG
    • 6.2. BMW AG
    • 6.3. Mercedes-Benz
    • 6.4. Nissan-Infiniti
    • 6.5. Jaguar Land Rover
    • 6.6. Cadillac
    • 6.7. Volvo
    • 6.8. Dodge
    • 6.9. Porsche
    • 6.10. Ford
    • 6.11. Tesla
    • 6.12. Chrysler
    • 6.13. Chevrolet
    • 6.14. Toyota
    • 6.15. Hyundai