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Consumer Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market


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The consumer UAV, or consumer drone, market is poised to be one of the largest categories of consumer robotics. There is a novelty around them and a risk of people becoming bored with them as they are today, but the market is also evolving very quickly. The features in prosumer UAVs, which are similar to smaller, lower cost commercial UAVs, will trickle down into the toy/hobbyist segment fairly quickly. Companies like Qualcomm are customizing highly integrated smartphone platforms and adding flight control software. This will allow the value of these products to increase immensely. Lower priced products with cutting edge features, sensors, and software will be available. New UAV platforms will shift from customized designs to more open platforms and allow developers to create software add-ons that will prolong the interest people have in them. Their uses vary from flying for fun or sport, like drone racing, to using them to take photos of property, complex selfie pics and videos, and videos of users doing their favorite activity.

ABI Research's Consumer UAV market forecasts include shipments, ASP's, and revenues for the market as whole, by class (toy/hobbyist, prosumer, kits, and custom), by class by camera (with and without), by flight type (VTOL, hybrid VTOL, and fixed wing), by controller type, and by attachment of cameras, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Market data and forecasts cover 2014 to 2025.

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