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Biometrics Technologies and Applications


The market update for the Biometric Technologies and Applications research service provides an overview on both a global and regional scale (segmentation includes NA, EU, LA, APAC, MEA), as well as on modality and technology (e.g., fingerprint, vein, facial biometrics), application, and end-user markets (consumer, enterprise, governmental). It outlines important insights behind sensor shipments, mentions disruptive threats, provides an overview of both existing and future market opportunities, and lists the end-user perspectives (including challenges, company focus, and technology drivers).

This update includes:

  • Regional Highlights
  • Market Vendors
  • Worldwide Update: Biometric Revenues
  • Worldwide Update:  Biometric Applications
  • Fingerprint Technology – Global Update
  • Fingerprint Technology – Smartphones
  • Disruptive Threats
  • Market Opportunities
  • End-User Perspectives