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Goods Asset Tracking Technologies


Goods asset tracking devices come in a compact, portable, and rechargeable GPS system, which fits cellular and satellite components into one device. This new technology utilizes satellite and/or cellular networks to fix a location. Since these devices are small, they can be covertly hidden inside the product, packaging, box, or pallet, and monitored via the Internet (using SaaS software platform), and can provide alert notification on a real-time basis for any breaches that occur. Cargo thieves may have difficulty in detecting these devices.

This technology made it possible for companies to monitor the goods inside the shipment (e.g., container, trailer, vehicle) while being transported either by air, sea, or road transport, anytime, anywhere.

The report analyzes market drivers and barriers to growth, technologies, key players, and market outlook on goods asset tracking technologies in the next five years.

Table of Contents

    • 1.1. Market Drivers
    • 1.2. Market Barriers
    • 1.3. Market Opportunities for Goods Tracking
    • 2.1. Location-based Technologies
    • 2.2. Connectivity
    • 2.3. Batteries
    • 2.4. Sensors
    • 2.5. LPWAN Cellular Connectivity
    • 3.1. Methodology
    • 3.2. Addressable Market
    • 3.3. Assumptions
    • 3.4. Overall Shipment and Revenue Forecasts
    • 3.5. Hardware Shipment Forecasts by Region
    • 4.1. Integrated Solution Providers
    • 4.2. Third-party Logistics Providers
    • 4.3. Telecom Operator
    • 4.4. Module Vendors
    • 4.5. GNSS Chips Provider
    • 4.6. Chipset Vendors