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Location is now moving beyond GPS to ubiquitous indoor and outdoor hybrid technologies that will revolutionize LBS, analytics, and advertising revenue opportunities as well as enabling future indoor mandates. These technologies are expanding across a variety of devices as well as infrastructure-based deployments across a range of different stores, public buildings, etc., enabling brick and mortar stores to engage with customers and compete with online sales.

This database isolates each of these vertical markets, providing clear guidance on which technologies will be adopted and the revenue opportunity they will create. The database considers the adoption and revenue opportunity of wide-area alternative technologies (Wi-Fi, cellular, Boeing, Nextnav, etc.) across seven CE device markets. It also forecasts uptake of each major indoor location technology (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MEMs, DAS, etc.) split by 13 major vertical markets, including food & grocery, large retail, airports, shopping malls, and sports venues. Revenues are split by infrastructure/service fees, in-app advertising, in-store analytics, mobile search, and coupons. Market share data are also provided for the number of buildings covered by each major provider. Indoor mapping deployment and revenue forecast market data are provided across 12 vertical markets, along with market share estimates.

Finally, the database looks at the LBS platform market and the revenue opportunities that exist across a range of LBS services. ABI Research has also begun including its carrier LBS platform forecasts. This covers deployment, revenues and market shares for LBS platforms deployed by carriers to support LBS, commercial applications and internal network optimization and CEM.

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