China’s Telecom Great Leap Forward Image

China’s Telecom Great Leap Forward


With this presentation, we introduce anew ABI Research service, the Network Market Tracker. The Network Market Tracker and other ABI Research databases are the primary data sources for this analysis. We also include reliable third-party sources to develop an information and insight-rich mashup based on sociodemographic information.

This particular study of the Chinese market came about because of China Telecom’s aspirations to move quickly with its 850 MHz LTE-FD spectrum and provide 95% population coverage with a 460,000 basestation deployment by EoY 2015.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Agenda
  • 3. Chinese Market Background: Gross Domestic Product
  • 4. Chinese Market Background: GDP per Capita
  • 5. Cellular Penetration
  • 6. Population Density
  • 7. Telecom's Great Leap Forward
  • 8. Chinese Basestation Outlook
  • 9. China Telecom and China Mobile
  • 10. Sources


  1. 4G Basestation Coverage Estimate


  1. 2014 GDP
  2. GDP
  3. GDP per Capita
  4. Global Competitiveness Index
  5. Cellular Subs per 100 versus GDP per Capita
  6. Cellular Subs per 100
  7. China, Population Density
  8. Population Density
  9. 4G LTE Uptake
  10. Chinese Subscriptions
  11. Chinese Data Traffic EB / Year
  12. Macro Basestation Outlook
  13. Cell Footprint