DOCSIS 3.1 - Cable Based Ultrabroadband Image

DOCSIS 3.1 - Cable Based Ultrabroadband

The expanding demand for broadband content and services, along with the need for enhanced quality of experience (i.e. 4K/UHD and beyond) is spurring the development of gigabit services in the market. In the home, consumers are increasingly shifting video viewing time to broadband services (both OTT and TV Everywhere) and the demands on data grow exponentially as the number of devices and quality of content increase.

To support this demand, numerous DOCSIS 3.1 trials are planned to facilitate the commercial deployments of gigabit services, making the availability of DOCSIS 3.1 nearer to a reality due to its expected cost-effectiveness and scalability. This report evaluates the market potential for DOCSIS 3.1, which by 2017, said equipment is expected to reach 9 million broadband subscribers; forecasts for DOCSIS CPE and related broadband subscribers is provided by region to 2020. 

Table of Contents

  • 1. Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
    • 1.1. Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Networks
    • 1.2. DOCSIS 3.1
    • 1.3. CableLabs
  • 2. DOCSIS Deployment Status
  • 3. Vendor Profiles
  • 4. Outlook
  • 5. Forecast Model
    • 5.1. DOCSIS Subscription Forecasts
    • 5.2. DOCSIS 3.1 CPE Shipments and Service Revenue