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Human-Machine Interface Attach Rate and Penetration


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This market data examines the market sizing and forecasts for key Human-Machine Interfaces as part of ABI Research's Human-Machine Interface Research Service. The goal of this market data is to present historic and expected attach rates for various advanced mobile device enabling technologies to isolate and predict how product innovation may evolve for both smartphones and tablets. These technology features have been analyzed mainly from a hardware perspective, so the market data does not cover those that can be enabled through one or more applications/services via an operating system (OS). 

The technologies covered, providing attach rates for both smartphones and tablets, include: motion sensors; MEMS microphones; smart biometrics; embedded cameras; screen resolution (4k and beyond); wireless charging; foldable/edge displays; USB type connections; modularity; built-in projectors/holograms; support for LTE-U/LAA/LWA; support for indoor positioning; dust and waterproofing; AR/VR; built-in payment; and, SIM free.

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