Webinar: VidiPath Technology: Changing PayTV - Sponsored by DLNA Image

Webinar: VidiPath Technology: Changing PayTV - Sponsored by DLNA

Operators today face a complex set of technology choices, including determining the optimal in-home set-top box strategy, investment in more modern and focused guide experiences, migration to cloud-based architectures for improved maintenance and service agility as well as development of applications on a large number of platforms. VidiPath provides tools for operators to work with CE manufacturers to deliver a compelling user experience to consumers while reducing capital and operational costs.  We will discuss what VidiPath is, how it fits into the operator technology portfolio, and the benefits for deploying services based on VidiPath.

Table of Contents

  • 1. The VidiPath Opportunity is Now
  • 2. About ABI
  • 3. Modern Pay TV Challenges
  • 4. VidiPath
  • 5. How do I launch VidiPath?
  • 6. Benefits to Operators
  • 7. VidiPath Addressable Households, Millions
  • 8. Benefits to CE Manufacturers
  • 9. Benefits to Consumers
  • 10. Example Economic Overview - STB Cost
  • 11. Example Business Model
  • 12. Example Economic Overview - Development Cost
  • 13. VidiPath Benefits over Traditional Technology Rollout
  • 14. ABI's Recommendation to the Industry
  • 15. Service Provider Technology Portfolio
  • 16. VidiPath Summary
  • 17. Call to Action


  1. VidiPath Homes Creates Opportunity for CE OEMs, 2014 to 2020
  2. Monthly VidiPath Impact
  3. US$350 per Subscriber Cumulative over 5 Years


  1. ABI's Recommendation to the Industry, Key Features
  2. Service Provider Technology Portfolio, Complex with Multiple Technologies Intersecting