Market Update: Mobile Multiscreen & Cloud Video Delivery Hardware and Services

Mobile, Multiscreen, and Cloud Video delivery is growing quickly on the back of increased demand for on demand video and mobile video viewing. Virtualizing components of the video platform, such as encoding and storage, has been a focus for a number of companies in the space, evidenced by the recent acquisitions of virtualized encoding vendors Elemental and Envivio. This research deliverable provides a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the Multiscreen Video Delivery market. The content is provided in a quick and easily digestible report to offer enough basic knowledge of the market trends to put decisions into context.

  • 1. Mobile, Multiscreen, and Cloud Video Delivery Market Update
  • 2. Key Competitor Activity
  • 3. Opportunities
  • 4. Disruptive Threats
  • 5. Guidance
  • 6. Authors and Contacts

Research Information

Starting at USD 4500
Publish Date
1Q 2016
Research Type
Business Models Analysis Report