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Automotive Trends

This report covers the Top Six Connected Car and Automotive Trends according to ABI Research. These include:

  • Smartphone & Infotainment Application Integration
  • Active Safety, ADAS, V2X, Security, and Autonomous Driving
  • 4G, Shared Data Plans, and In-car Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • In-car Electronics Platformization and Consumerization
  • Big Data Analytics: Traffic, Weather, UBI, Prognostics and CRM
  • Electrification, Smart Cities, and IoE

Table of Contents

  • ABI Research Automotive Coverage


  1. ADAS Package Contents by OEM and Model, United Kingdom: 2015


  1. Driver Monitoring Systems, 2013 and 2020
  2. New Vehicle Shipments with Security Technology by Type, World Market, 2012 to 2020
  3. Shipments of Digital Instrument Clusters by Region, World Market, 2014 to 2024
  4. Car Sharing - Global Number of Vehicles and Users, 2014 to 2030
  5. Car Sharing - Revenues by Type and by Region, 2014 to 2030
  6. ITS Technology in Smart Cities Penetration Rate by Type, World Market, Forecast: 2012 to 2025
  7. Commercial Telematics - Vendor Ranking


  1. Smart Mobility Diagram
  2. Fragmentation and Complexity