Webinar: Automotive HMI

This webinar covers HMI technology, its effect on the connected car, and its likelihood of success.

This webinar answers the following questions top of mind for all automotive players:

  • How will the automotive HMI experience improve and what needs to be done to gain consumer approval?

  • How should the driver distraction issue finally be solved?

  • Which automotive HMI solutions are set to succeed and which are set to fail

Table of Contents

  • 1. Webinar Topics
  • 2. Automotive HMI Form Factors
  • 3. Issues and Challenges
  • 4. Clusters: Use Cases and Technology
  • 5. Clusters: Products in the Market
  • 6. Heads-up Displays (HUDs): Technology
  • 7. HUD Use Cases
  • 8. Forecasts: Clusters versus HUDs
  • 9. Smartphone Integration: Clash of Ecosystems
  • 10. Wearables and the Multimodal Experience
  • 11. Aftermarket Infotainment
  • 12. Automotive HMI: Beyond Safety and Convenience
  • 13. Android Auto: Context Awareness
  • 14. Driver Monitoring Systems
  • 15. Conclusions


  1. Shipments of Heads Up Displays by Region, World Market, 2014 to 2024
  2. Shipments of Digital Instrument Clusters by Region, World Market, 2014 to 2024
  3. Driver Monitoring Technologies, 2013 to 2020


  1. Automotive HMI: Beyond Safety and Convenience
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Research Information

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Publish Date
3Q 2015
Research Type
Technology Analysis Report