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Webinar: Smart Mobility


Connected cars are mobile mega sensors, even more so than smartphones, with a wide range of sensors, including cameras, radar, sonar, and Lidar as well as vehicle-specific equipment such as ESP, temperature sensors, and lights producing large amounts of data. The aggregation, processing, analysis, and sharing of data via cloud-based, 4/5G and V2X technologies represents a huge opportunity for developing new, innovative mobility services such as real-time and hyperlocal traffic and weather data, on-street parking space information, and real-time maps. Smartphones and wearables are enabling multimodal experiences, at the same embedding the connected car in the wider IoT. In the longer term closing the loop between the in-vehicle technology and ITS ecosystems will allow further efficiencies ultimately leading to demand-response based systems and roadside infrastructure virtualization.

Table of Contents

  • 1. The road towards the driverless, shared electric vehicle in the smart cities of the future: timing, enablers and constraints
  • 2. New Transportation as a Service Smart mobility business models and monetization opportunities
  • 3. Role of AI and Deep Learning in Traffic Management Automation, Adaptive Traffic Lights, and demand-response system-based Architectures
  • 4. Real-time maps: Map as a Sensor
  • 5. Open platform mobility approaches leading to Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • 6. Role of 5G for vehicle-to-vehicle information exchange