Webinar: ADAS and Active Safety Image

Webinar: ADAS and Active Safety

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a burgeoning market, but finds itself at a crossroad. Its commercialization, packaging, labeling, and pricing lack transparency and vary significantly regionally, hindering market uptake. Many companies have joined the market from all angles: semiconductor vendors like NVIDIA and Freescale; suppliers such as Mobileye and HERE; developers like Neusoft; OEMs such as Ford and Internet players like Google and Baidu. The result is cost savings, further safety for consumers, growth of smart cities, and perhaps most importantly, evolution of autonomous vehicles. For a market set to hit revenues of over US$221 billion by 2020 there is still much unanswered. This webinar will answer the following questions top of mind for all ADAS players:

  • How aware are consumers of the benefits of ADAS, now and going forward?
  • What is the regulatory status of the commercial vehicle ADAS landscape?
  • What is the role of ADAS sensors in autonomous driving and future crowdsourced and cloud-shared automotive big data platforms?