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Since 1999, annual shipments of Wi-Fi enabled devices have grown rapidly, with a major inflection point in 2008 as the smartphone market took off.

In 2014, over 2.4 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices were shipped, while the industry surpassed 10 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices shipped cumulatively in early 2015. Over half of product shipments are dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) now. The market is forecast to continue to grow rapidly over the next 5 years as the technology is adopted across a wide variety of markets, including consumer, mobile, automotive, and emerging markets. This product tracks Wi-Fi enabled device shipments and attach rates in 30+ end markets and provides forecast to 2019. The product also provides a comprehensive analysis of the chipset market, including:

  • Shipments, revenues, and average selling prices
  • Standalone¬†vs. combo ICs vs. integrated platforms
  • Wi-Fi protocols - 802.11b/a/g, 802.11n (single and dual band), 802.11ac (single, dual, and tri-band), and WiGig (single, tri-band) - for various product categories, and the emergence of 802.11ah, 802.11ax, and 802.11ay
  • Wi-Fi MIMO configurations - 1X1, 2X2, 3X3, 4X4, and 8X8 - for various product categories
  • How the WiGig chipset market will change in terms of the number of antenna elements used

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