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Payment & Banking Card Secure IC Technologies


Overall secure IC shipments into the payments card market topped 2.25 billion in 2014, up from just over 2 billion the previous year. With the majority of growth stemming from the United States and China, the payments market, from a vendor perspective, is fast becoming a United States vs. China scenario. Next year’s market shares will be won or lost based on the continual success of migration in these two countries, regions that each IC vendor would have placed a strategy focus upon to ensure each maximized the potential opportunity.

Although card IC shipments continue to grow, an increasing opportunity has arisen in recent years in non-card based applications, more specifically embedded solutions. Secure ICs are increasingly utilized in mobile devices and these IC platforms can be leveraged to provide secure applications, including payments.

ABI Research’s Payment & Banking Card Secure ICs Technologies competitive assessment takes a closer look at the current market status quo, providing an independent look at each vendor’s current market position, strategies, and future outlook. Included in the competitive assessment is a vendor matrix whereby all the major secure IC vendors operational within the payment cards market were judged and scored according to a set of criteria falling within the broader “Implementation” and “Innovation” categories. Each vendor was assessed against a total of 10 criteria and accordingly ranked based on scores achieved.