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Encoders and Cloud Video


Continuing on trends in the video delivery market, Multiscreen Video Delivery is a complex and ever-changing space. New trends in video creation and consumption send ripples through the market, and forces adaptation among those who produce and deliver content. New device types and the associated difficulties in supporting these new devices can often prove challenging, but increasing activity in cloud and virtualized services is an attempt to prepare for and support this growth.  New product and portfolio rollouts are moving faster as well, with average rollout times reducing thanks to virtualized and software driven components that add modularity, flexibility, and efficiency to the workflow. 

This product looks at encoder markets as well as cloud video services markets. Service providers, focused on providing a platform for delivery, and more focused encoding providers, focused on processing content, both play important roles. The cloud video services markets includes a number of unique business models, including content delivery networks (CDNs), online video platforms (OVPs), and managed video platforms (MVPs).