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Webinar: Robotics in Unusual Places

Robotics technologies and service providers are releasing new products and applications at a blistering rate, and these are being employed across a wide range of vertical market segments by businesses to reduce cost, increase productivity and efficiency, and deliver other benefits. Cost effective, drone-based precision agriculture, novel consumer robotics products, advanced surgical platforms and highly functional, vision-based industrial systems provide just a few examples. These same systems have captured the imagination of the business and investment communities, as well as the general public. But other robotics initiatives, including those much larger in scope and spending outlays, often go unheralded. Also, for those looking for untried, greenfield opportunities, those not yet disrupted, the many well-known robotics success stories and markets come too late “after the fact”. So where are the next generation of opportunities for robotics, automation and intelligent systems to be found? In this enlightening session Dan Kara, Practice Director, Robotics at ABI Research, will describe innovative implementations of robotics solutions, as well as technologies and applications on the cusp of rapid growth and adoption, the market opportunities they enable and how to can capitalize on them.

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  • Robotics, Automation and Intelligent Systems Practice