Are Randomized MAC Addresses the Death of Wi-Fi Indoor Location?

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4Q 2014 | IN-1020605

Is the End of Indoor Location Near?


In iOS 8, Apple has taken a shot at the potential infrastructure-based indoor location competition and introduced randomized MAC addresses, under the heading of protecting the user. From an indoor location perspective, this would mean the death of many aspects of passive Wi-Fi analytics because it would appear to be nearly impossible to track each device. Furthermore, it’s hazy but there is increased speculation that Google is introducing similar measures in Android. So what does this mean?

What Can/Can’t Be Done


Well, certainly any form of time-based analytics like passive dwell times and repeat customer data would be out, as well as dynamically tying a device to related information. But many aggregated, anonymous analytics trends are still possible. Will that be enough for pure-play ...

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