Teardown Report: Huawei Talkband Image

Teardown Report: Huawei Talkband


Based on findings from ABI Research’s Teardown Services a new product line has been created to examine the inner workings of the quickly-growing wearable devices. In this report ABI Research studies the Huawei Talkband in four sections: parts, dismantling, boards, and a block diagram.

The parts section includes audio & power management, connectivity, sensors, multimedia, EBOM total, box content, electrical, and mechanical. Each group includes manufacturer, part number, description, ASP, package type and area, quantity, and number of dies.

The dismantling section contains high resolution images and x-rays of the battery and back housing.

The boards section includes high resolution, annotated diagrams of the front and back PCB, as well as board area assignments and full-board x-rays. Finally, the block diagram is color coded and illustrates the inner workings of the Huawei Talkband.