VR Is on Its Way: Where Is Oculus?

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4Q 2014 | IN-1020589


VR Products Are Coming in 2014


In early September at IFA 2014, Samsung (working with Oculus) announced its Gear VR headset, which utilizes its upcoming Note 4 smartphone for the screen and other hardware needs. More recently, a new Kickstarter campaign from AirVR has hit the scene, and, as of late September 2014, has already surpassed its modest US$20,000 goal. AirVR’s headset, like Samsung’s device, uses an external mobile device (Apple iPhone 6 Plus or iPad Mini) to provide the necessary application processing power (plus sensors, cameras, etc.) and, more importantly, the screen.

Shifting the active hardware to the mobile device, which the user presumably already owns, greatly reduces the cost of entry, which allows AirVR to charge US$49 for both its iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini versions; compared to Oculus Rift’s developer kits, which range between US$300 and US$350 (DK1 and DK2), Samsung’s Gear VR is expected to carry a US$200 price. Using hi...

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