Wi-Fi Calling with VoLTE and IMS

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4Q 2014 | IN-1020551


What Is Wi-Fi Calling?


As many smartphone users go through the struggle of having no or very limited network coverage on their mobile devices when in need of making an urgent phone call or message, Wi-Fi calling is seen as the ideal solution for this bothersome experience. Newer smartphones are becoming smarter with new features, such as Wi-Fi calling, that can assist users in this matter. Wi-Fi calling is an ideal solution for this problem. It has been around for some time; however, the VoLTE and IMS stack is now native in mobile devices, and this gives operators a new way to monetize. This could also be the end of residential Femtocell Wi-Fi calling, which gives its users access to voice and SMS services without network coverage. Wi-Fi calling uses Wi-Fi to provide users with overall better mobile phone coverage by allowing users to make and receive voice calls and messages when their phones are connected to a Wi-Fi network. This shows that even though the world&rsqu...

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