Comcast’s Wi-Fi Ads Must Tradeoff Network Monetization with Users’ Distress

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3Q 2014 | IN-1020477

Comcast Uses Its Public Hotspots to Push Self-Promoting Ads


Comcast, one of the largest cable operators and Wi-Fi service providers in the United States, generated a lot of controversy lately as the company’s practice of injecting browser-based advertisement attracted unwanted attention from security-concerned users. The company targets users who connect to its public Wi-Fi hotspots by inserting ads about its services in webpages they visit. The ads occur about every 7 minutes and last for a few seconds every time.

Malicious Attacks Could Ruin the Free Wi-Fi Experience


Comcast’s ads are delivered via JavaScript injection, which is a worrying practice to many users. This involves altering websites’ packets as they are sent to the user’s browser. The move caused a number of furious reactions am...

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