Microwave Gallium Nitride RF Power: A Question of Setting Expectations

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3Q 2014 | IN-1020269

The Bar Has Been Set High


Of all the semiconductor technologies used for RF power devices, gallium nitride (GaN) has been the poster boy for the industry. This new technology has much promise and, in many cases, facts associated with it. It seems, however, that GaN can never quite match the expectations that were set for it. Are these expectation levels really true or has a combination of technology development, manufacturing maturity, and end applications simply painted a complex scenario?

The Best of All Worlds


As often recited by analysts in this subject area, myself included, gallium nitride combines the best of all worlds. This technology has the power-handling capability of silicon LDMOS and nearly the high-frequency performance of GaAs. The road has not been easy though, and the development of the technology,...

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