Can Mozilla Challenge Android at Sub $50 and Hurt Samsung?

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3Q 2014 | IN-1020088

Mozilla Announces New US$33 Smartphone to Launch in India


The US$33 smartphone launched in India by Mozilla targets first-time buyers with its aggressive price point. The ultra low-cost smartphone, dubbed the Intex Cloud FX, boasts Mozilla’s Firefox OS. Although Mozilla's ecosystem has limited apps and services, it offers emerging market consumers an opportunity to upgrade from a basic feature phone. According to ABI Research's data, India is one of the world's fastest growing markets for low-cost smartphones. In 2013, India experienced a growth rate of 140% in smartphone shipments. When compared to other emerging markets, the average growth rate for that same year was only 58%. Of the 43 million units that shipped to India, approximately 90% of those were Android based. The low price point allows first-time owners in emerging countries to upgrade to a smartphone at a reasonable cost.

A Threat to Android Phone Make...

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