Popular Mobile Apps Are Ridden with Security Vulnerabilities

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3Q 2014 | IN-1019855

Recycle and Reuse in Software Development


Security researchers at Codenomicon, who also discovered the Heartbleed vulnerability, have warned that more than half of the 50 most popular Android mobile apps have inherited security vulnerabilities as a result of irresponsible recycling of software libraries. Many developers recycle open-source software solutions to perform cryptosecurity. It is more cost-effective for a company to use an existing, tried-and-true library rather than create its own from scratch. Vulnerabilities in open-source libraries and frameworks present significant security problems. Reportedly, more than 92% of Android’s top 500 applications create either a security or privacy risk when downloaded. The vast majority of apps either used insecure communication protocols that failed to properly encrypt user data, or were found to be talking to domains that were blacklisted by a reputation service, which means that a user’s personal data could be sent to and shared with disrepu...

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