Square Is Gearing Up for U.S. EMV Migration

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3Q 2014 | IN-1019840

Square’s EMV mPOS Solution Nearing Release


News broke at the end of July 2014 that Square will soon begin accepting pre-orders for an EMV Chip-and-Signature mPOS device. To date, Square has served the mPOS market through a mag-stripe mPOS dongle.

Square has taken its fair share of criticism from many industry experts (myself included), being one of the last major mPOS vendors to address EMV acceptance and for its seemingly slow approach in the release of an EMV complaint mPOS solution. So what has Square said and can its new mPOS device have an impact in a market already flooded with a variety of EMV-compliant mPOS devices?

What Square Has Said


Little has been said by Square, but a new page dedicated to its new mPOS device has appeared on its website. The device is not yet available, but the company s...

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