Fleet Technology to Flourish in Driverless Vehicle Era

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3Q 2014 | IN-1019836

As Driverless Cars Usher in a Vehicle-Sharing Economy, Fleet Technology Will Become Ubiquitous


As described extensively in the research analysis Autonomous Vehicles (AN-1486), one of the main disruptive effects of the arrival of driverless cars will be the broad adoption of car sharing and, as a consequence, the demise or collapse of vehicle ownership. In a nutshell, driverless cars will allow drivers to abandon vehicles anywhere after using them, and to call the cars remotely if and when needed from wherever one happens to be, resulting in hugely improved car-sharing convenience, making use-cases such as driverless taxis and delivery vans but also offering children, elderly, and the disabled the opportunity to use personal transportation.

As vehicle ownership declines, vehicles will start belonging to fleets, whether to official car sharing fleets or to private vehicles shared by consumers ...

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