Webinar: Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry

This webinar will look at critical infrastructure security in the energy industry, looking at why this particular sector is becoming such a high level target and what the motivations are behind cyber threat agents. In addition, the webinar will talk about what makes industrial control systems so vulnerable, and why the attack vectors are so numerous. The reasons are rooted in both technology and policy, and the webinar will look at the obstacles and drivers in both those areas, as well as the resulting market dynamics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Energy High-level Target


  1. Notable Cyberattacks, 2009 to 2014
  2. Industrial Control System Vulnerabilities, 2005 to 2013


  1. Industrial Control System Vulnerabilities, 2005 to 2013
  2. Critical Infrastructure Security Spend by Segment, 2019


  1. Top Targeted Industries by State-sponsored Groups, 2013