Analyzing PTC’s Axeda Acquisition: Part One

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3Q 2014 | IN-1019722

After ThingWorx, PTC Adds Axeda


PTC became one of the most interesting M2M and IoT names to follow when it announced the acquisition of ThingWorx at the very end of 2013. For ABI Research’s earlier analysis of the deal and its rationale, you can refer to the relevant two Insights: Analyzing PTC’s ThingWorx Acquisition: Part One; and Analyzing PTC’s ThingWorx Acquisition: Part Two. To sum up, PTC had identified the IoT as the key to next-generation product (PLM) and service (SLM) lifecycle management, and with ThingWorx, the company wanted to leapfrog straight into the emergent end of the market. To further deliver on this vision, PTC is now adding another major piece with Axeda, which it You must be a subscriber to view this ABI Insight.
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