Impact of the E.U. Mandate on GNSS IC Design

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3Q 2014 | IN-1019569

Galileo Mandate on the Way


With increasing evidence that the European Union will introduce mandates on devices and cars that support Galileo, there is renewed pressure for GNSS IC OEMS to demonstrate that they can support the constellation system and/or are capable of future firmware upgrades.

Galileo Vital for In-car Market


This is particularly pertinent in the in-car space, where an eCall mandate is almost guaranteed. Car OEMs with 5-to-6-year design cycles will need to begin using ICs that are Galileo-ready today. Companies like u-blox have invested heavily in Galileo and have had firmware-upgradeable Galileo ICs available for some time. For others, this has meant/will mean a total redesign of their platforms to support flash and SRAM, enabling OTAR firmware updates, which would m...

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