Google TV Gives Way to Android TV: Third Time’s a Charm?

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3Q 2014 | IN-1019549

Google Announces Android TV at Google I/O Developer Conference


Google TV arrived with great fanfare in late 2010. Riding on the back of Google, it was supposed to revolutionize how we watched TV. To its credit, it did offer unique features like HDMI pass-through (and UI overlay), and it was also to serve as a bridge for Intel to gain additional presence in the living room. Sony and Logitech released first-generation products (TV and Blu-ray player from Sony and smart STB from Logitech), and Dish Network also lent its support as well. High pricing, limited content, and buggy software, however, conspired against the fledgling platform, despite its significant backers. The next generation moved to ARM processors to help reduce prices and align the products closer to mobile devices. In this incarnation, Marvell led the charge among the smart set-top boxes from companies like Vizio, Hisense, NETGEAR, and ASUS. LG also released select televisions, but Sony chose to eschew the smart TV and only released smart...

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